2019 Black Lab of The Year


GRHRCH Summits Hometown Girl “Fancy” 


Fancy is owned by Andrew Schlueter of Plum Creek Retrievers, Ed Dunwald and Patti Hoelle of Three Oaks Retrievers and trained by Kiersten Eldridge and Dane Johnson.  Fancy’s trainer, Kiersten is the owner of Goose our 2017 Lab of The Year so royalty is in her blood.  She is also our second black female Lab of The Year after 2018’s Emmie Lou.  Andrew answered our questions about Fancy and let us know why she deserves to be the best Labrador Retriever of the year.  When we asked Andrew how many birds Fancy has retrieved, he answered that it was impossible to count and gave us some information about himself.  We wanted to learn more about Fancy and the owner of this extraordinary dog. 



“I hunt at least 3 days a week, sometimes more.  I work with troubled youth at a group home and have for the past 17 plus years.  Kids who have issues with anger management, non-compliance, physical aggression, elopement, self harm, suicidal ideation… you get the idea.  With that being said, I work long days. For example today I work 8AM – 10 PM.  In turn that allows me more days off to hunt, train dogs, compete in hunt tests, so on. I don’t count the number of birds taken home therefore I can’t give you a number on that.”


“As far as what makes Fancy Special.  Wow well first off she for me she is my first grand dog!  After many failed attempts at owning a dog with that title.  They don’t give that GRHRCH title away.  There is a story that goes with it and her and you can read about it here:

 Great People and a Grand Dog!



Best of luck Fancy!  you can vote for Fancy right here: 2019 LAB OF THE YEAR… VOTE NOW