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Protected: 2020 LAB OF THE YEAR… VOTE NOW Ended

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Interested in Partnering with Lab of the Year?


Lab of the Year Contest Entry

Field Dog Life’s Annual Lab of The Year Contest honors 4 top competitors every year, one of which is named Field Dog Life’s overall “Lab of The Year”.  2020 will mark the 5th Anniversary of our original contest!  The bar is raised this year as we honor our 2020 winner with a cash prize of $2020 in honor of this milestone.  In addition, cool gear and gifts from our sponsors are coming your way.   Enter your Lab to be considered for the Title of Titles, King of Kings, Queen of the Labs, and Legendary Number 5  – Lab Of The Year!   Check out past winners who have qualified for our honorary “Hall of Legends.”

How To Enter LOTY 2020

The 2020 Lab of The Year Contest is now open! This year will be our biggest, baddest to the bone Lab contest yet!  As part of the selection process, we work on a POINT SYSTEM, votes, and our own selection criteria.  We use a weighted matrix to assign points to your dogs, which will give them a ranking all the way to the number one spot.  We take your dogs and their achievements very seriously.  We have come across tens of thousands of dogs from around the world since 2013, and have a good foothold into breeders and trainers, so we know a Legend in the making when we see one.  In addition, your dog does not need to be titled to participate.  However, a hunter, trialer, or hunt test participant he or she MUST be.  A dual-purpose Lab (show and field) is allowable.

Enter your future legends by emailing the following to contest2020@fielddoglife.com 

  • 6-10 HIGH DEF photos (web quality and higher see below).  2  headshots,  2 full-length shots, various shots in the field, and one with you and your nominee.
  • Photos should be 300 dpi, preferably 9 x 12 and in JPEG or camera raw format. Mobile device photos should be sized according to Instagram square/story and Facebook requirements.
  • Short video 30 seconds to 2:00 minutes in length of your Lab doing his thing (mp4 or .mov format) or link to a youtube video.
  • Any and all achievements – titles, number of hunts, bands, retrieves, awards – let your Lab shine!
  • Any pedigree information you can provide (to the best of your ability), and legendary dogs in your Champs pedigree.
  • Your complete information if you are the owner (must be over 18 years of age), or owner’s information.
  • Breeder information.
  • Trainer information – please include yourself if you trained your awesome dog!
  • Handler information (if applicable) – please include yourself if you handle your awesome dog!
  • Testimonial as to why YOUR dog deserves to be the 5th Lab Of The Year, and earn his/her seat in our Hall of Legends! (written or video is acceptable).

The deadline for entry will be midnight on December 10th.  

December 11th at Midnight we will narrow the field of nominees to 16 nominees and the voting will begin.  

December 20th we will announce the Great 8 the voting continues.

December 26 we will announce The Fantasy Field Squad, voting starts clean for the final push.  

December 31st at noon we announce the 2020 LAB OF THE YEAR! 

The stakes are higher, the prizes are greater, and the Labs have never been more competitive.  Time is tight due to COVID, but we are working our tails off to announce our New King or Queen of The Labs. 


  • Label your photo files with your dog’s name and YOUR NAME  (EXAMPLE:  Snoopy _Charlie Brown.jpeg)
  • Place your full name and your dog’s name in the SUBJECT of your email
  • ATTACH your photos to the email.  Photos inserted into the body will not be accepted. Any of your dog’s social accounts ex. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.
  • Include the photographer’s information for proper credit, and written consent granted to FDL to use his/her photo throughout the year as part of our Lab of The Year and FDL activities.  Photos and videos will not be returned.

On December 20th we will announce a NEW TWIST to this year’s contest!

Get your Champs ready… four new Kings and Queens will be added to our Fantasy Field Squad …. but there can only be 1…



The Hall of Kings is reserved for the best of the best, our “Fantasy Field Squad” as we like to call them. Only those labs who have qualified for Lab of The Year are displayed here, along with any info pertinent to their status. The reign of our 2018 Lab of The Year will come and end on December 31st when the 4th generation of our Fantasy Field Squad will be chosen.

Interested in Partnering with Lab of the Year?