2019 Yellow Lab of The Year


4xGMPR HRCH Cashman’s Touch ‘em All Kirby Nemitz MH QAA


Kirby is one heck of an accomplished dog!  At 7 years old, this yellow male from Cannby, Minnesota is an accomplished competitor and top notch hunter.  Kirby is owned Christopher Nemitz, bred by Karen Cashman of Cashman Kennels and trained by Christopher Nemitz, Marc Patton, Troy Benson, Shane Olean.  



More importantly, when we asked his owner why Kirby should be this Year’s Top Dog, Christopher tells us:

“Kirby is an exceptional dog as he is the first dog I have trained and has taken all my training mistakes in stride and kept on trucking. He is extremely versatile as he has a perfect AKC hunt test record, runs AKC field trials, HRC hunt tests, APLA hunt tests, and hunts from beginning to end of hunting season 3 maybe 4 days a week whether it is waterfowl or putting miles on the boots chasing pheasants. He is very forgiving in training and puts 100% effort into everything he does whether it is training, running a hunt test or field trial, hunting, or relaxing by the fire place, he does it all with style. He is a real team player and is willing to work for and hunt with anybody. Kirby deserves to win Lab of the Year because he is a near perfect representation of the breed standard. Physically he is a very well built and sound Labrador. His temperament is ideal, friendly to everyone young and old. Has not encountered another person or dog that he isn’t instant friends with. He is a very level headed dog and knows when it is go time or when it is time to relax. He has the perfect combination of traits to not only make him one of the top hunting dogs I’ve been around but probably the best companion one could find. Also, he’s got the looks to go along with his talent !”