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Brandon’s Runnin and Gunnin “Grace”

Grace is a 2-year old Fox Red female owned and trained by Brandon James; breeder Torg’s Labs. Grace’s Sire is HRCH Torg’s Hunting Memories MH “Tanner” and her dam is Torg’s Rusted Tin Lizzy.

Grace has a constant high drive, is very focused, and has a tenacious, no-quit attitude when it comes to hunting.  She is a loyal partner, and  a great family dog when not afield. Grace has retrieved 300+ ducks between 2019 and 2020.

GRHRCH Retriever Trainer’s Americana “Juice”

“Juice” is owned and trained by Joel Moore and bred by Trey McCraw.  

Juice gives 110% to everything she puts her mind to.  Whether it’s playing with the grandkids, hunting ducks, running the Grand, or weekend hunt tests; she does it all. Juice loves to hunt and chase down pheasants, doves, ducks, and sometimes, even squirrels.

Juice will work for anyone that stands beside her since she truly loves the game. She was the boldest pup in the litter, and she had no fear even at six weeks old. Juice was running marks with the BIG dogs, and holding her own by 13 weeks of age.  Juice has done such a remarkable job of hunting and retrieving that Joel doesn’t keep count of birds picked up  because “life is short, and we try to just live in the moment with great dogs like Juice.  They’re just not with us long enough”. 

One of the Joel’s proudest moments with Juice was at this past Grand: “In the third series, Juice had a big land triple crown with the money bird, straight up the middle on a long middle mark, and she crossed three ditches and an old railroad bed to accomplish this. It was not that she surprised me, it was how perfect that moment was, and I lucky I was to share it with her”.  Juice is a once in a lifetime dog.

Sire – GRHRCH SHRSACC SRSAC Spring River’s Yankee
Captain MNH MH QAA – Jeter
Dom – GRHRCH McCraw’s Tread “N” Hydro Bella
Great Grand Sire – 03 NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton

Tealan Frapper Ferguson “Fergus”

Fergus is owned by Tim Sequin, and bred by Mr SG & Mrs MT Smith at Tealan Labradors Scotland.  Fergus began his career when he was 2 years old, and was imported to the US by Southern Oak Kennels. He was purchased by Blazing Gun Dogs where he finished his training. His Sire is FTCH Drumgoose Febragas of Aithness and Dam is Knottsberry Irene of Tealan.

According to Tim, “Fergus is 5 years old and is a true hunting dog with a very strong nose.  He has the willpower to work out problems on his own. He has an AKC SH, and we plan to run for a title next year.

Fergus is a champ and has proven himself on multiple guide services. He is currently guiding waterfowl hunts at Pintail Hunting Lodge, running 5 groups a week which takes an incredible amount of power and stamina.  It’s not a job for the average dog. His performance is top-notch and he is also a great family companion.” photo credit Aaron Davis 

GRHRCH UH Harvest Moon’s Full Bloom MH “Lily”

Lily is owned by Eric Lingler and was bred by Harvest Moon Farm and Kennel. Lily is five years old, has picked up countless ducks, and has as hunted in OH, MI, WV, KY, PA, AK

Breeder: Harvest Moon Farm & Kennel.

She is 7 out of 7 at Master Nationals, and 2 out of 2 at The Grand.  Lily has 475 HRC points and has never failed a hunt test. She has a derby 4th, and a JAM in 4 derby starts, and in 2 derbys she went out on the last bird of the last series. Lily has been a mother, and is a great family dog.  She is truly a remarkable champion who is all business at the line, and a loyal and gentle member of the family – exactly what makes her a once in a lifetime dog.  Photo credit Mark Atwater

Notable dogs in her lineage are

FC AFC CFC CFAC Barracuda Blue MH
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC EBonstar Lean Mac
FC AFC HRCH Gator Pts Sweet Potato Pie

HR Rye to The Sky “Rye”

Rye is a 3 yr old dark chocolate American Labrador who is 85 pounds of pure muscle, and owned and trained by 23-year-old Caroline Mills. He is out of Dakota Cajun Roux and Gator Point bloodlines. This season will be his 4th season hunting the Mighty Mississippi right out of a boat! He is hardcore, and nothing stops him from retrieving ducks.  He has been hunting since he was 7 months old and was breaking ice on his 2nd hunt when he never broke and picked up all 25 ducks.  Rye was featured in Field Dog Life magazine last year.

Caroline and her fiancé JT train Rye for three years under their Fly Way Retrievers. JT runs Rye in his hunt tests.

Caroline states “Rye is deserving because he loves his job, and loves to please us. He goes 40 out of 60 days during duck season and hunts 90% out of a boat along the MS River. Not all dogs have the stamina and strength to hunt out of mighty Mississippi”.  

“He is extremely smart and has an intensity that can’t be taught. His looks are stunning. When we go to hunt tests he always shows out. He has gone 5/5 in his tests. Most of all, Rye is our best friend.  It would be an honor if Rye is chosen”.

HRCH Riley’s Golden Lily “Lily”

Lily is owned by Jake Riley. She is three years old and was bred by Chad Shinn. Her Sire is Valhalla’s First Farmer (MH) and Dam is Red Label Southern Belle (MH).

Lily is a hard-charging female with over 1500 career retrieves. She is all about business and handles and marks extremly well. She’s hunted everything from flooded ag/ flooded WRP fields at Honeybrake, the big water of the Mississippi River, the smaller Plate River, flooded timber in Arkansas, tank ponds in Texas, dry fields in Colorado, and Iowa.  Lily’s done it all at a very young age, and she’s very good at what she does. She has never failed a hunt test yet,  and this season Jake and Lily are going for her MH.

It is worth noting that Jake trained Lily himself, but he was fortunate to receive training advice from the pros at Honeybrake and Rivertown Retrievers. 

Jake states that “lily is the hardest charging female I have ever seen, and she is a great, all-around dog.  She’s a lot of fun to hunt with, and is a special dog”.

Lily’s bloodlines include

Grandparents – Red Label Turn The Page (MH) (MNH)

FC AFC Chena River Chavez
FC AFC Pin Oaks Texas Rex
FC AFC Candlewoods Rebel Ridge PDQ MH
FC Castlebays Wren Dell
FC TaylorsLab Magic Trick




is owned by Landon Kelly and comes from a very long and established pedigree. Moose is almost 3 years old and he currently has 2 out of 2 passes in the HR division and needs two more to earn his HR title. Landon and Moose plan to finish his HRCH this summer. Moose has an unbelievable drive and is smart, hardworking, and tenacious.

Moose has picked up over 1,000 birds (Included in those birds are several hundred geese) in Mississippi, Tennesse, and Arkansas during – and all by his 2nd birthday. He has also picked up over 500 doves. He also does some blood tracking when Landon deer hunts, locating the latest deer shot! He does it all! Moose currently has 2 out of 2 passes in the HR division and needs two more to earn his HR title. Moose could have easily earned his title but Covid-19 hit and trials throughout the country were on hold for some time. Moose will go back to finish once this waterfowl season is over. Landon plans to finish his HRCH this summer. 

Moose’s pedigree is long and very established. HRCH ‘Diche’ MH is Moose’s, a legendary, and 1st,  Lab of The Year. HRCH ‘Remi” MH is Moose’s dam.

Moose has a total of 23 GRHRCH or Grand Champions in his lineage on his sire’s side, and several GRHRCH and HRCH champions on his dam’s.

Breeder Info: Sire, HRCH Diche MH, Ed Wall. Dam, HRCH Remi MH, Neil Smith.
Trainer Info: Myself, Landon Kelly, and Marty Roberts of Sporting Life Kennels.
Handlers: David Spaulding, Sporting Life Kennels, and Tyler Pearson, Sur-Shot Retrievers.

Tremblin’ Earth’s Rough Rider QAA NDL “Wrangler”

Owner: Keith Farmer Breeder: Mark Jones & Donald Grenseman

Wrangler is a 10-year-old beast who still runs competitions, and loves to hammer birds! in relentless pursuit!! He has picked up thousands of birds over a 10-year career

Wrangler is a  competitive trial dog who has competed in numerous states, hunting full time in Georgia. photo credit Keith Farmer

Sire – CNAFC CFC FC AFC Aces High III (Hall of Fame)

FC Troublesome Nichole (bred to NFC Foxx)
FC AFC CFC CAFC Barracuda Blue MH
AFC Candlewood’s Oprah Win-for-me

Qualified for the 2018 SRS Crown Championship

int. FTCH Drumgoose Warlord “Murph”

“Murph” is owned by Blueblood British Gun Dogs. He was imported from the UK in October to Texas where he has quickly transitioned into the American style of hunting.  His nose is impeccable, and he loves to chase down the cripples! His sire is FTCH Astraglen Fergie.

Murph was the winner of the 2016 Irish Retriever Championship and is an international Field Trial Champion having won trials in both the UK and Ireland. He also won the Irish Retriever Championship in 2016. His mother is Int. FTCH The Newcam Boss, and she placed 3rd in the Irish Championship in 2013 and 2016. His sire, FTCH Astraglen Fergie placed 3rd in the Irish Championship in 2012.

Wild Rose Thor “Thor”

Indian x Pipa Wild Rose Kennels

Thor is owned by Mark Donohoo of Grizzly Years. Thor is trained in waterfowl and upland hunting.  He is also a shed hunter and a diabetic alert dog 

He travels the globe, hunts, and is a service dog. Thor does it all!  He is our first quadruple threat: gun dog, bird dog, shed dog, and service dog.