Lab of the Year

goose standing

LOTY 2017 Goose Kiersten Eldridge

It’s that time of year for the 3rd time on LPOTD – and this time is epic.  It’s the King of The Beast Time, Winner Takes All Time – King of The Labs time. Why do we pick a Lab of The Year?

Where did it all begin?  The idea was simple and obvious for us: we’ve got the baddest -to-the-bone labs on Instagram and we’re picking the LeBron James of labs; male or female, because at the end of the day there is only one.  And that is how it began.

Since 2013 we have have been adding em’ up, stacking em’ up and posting like it’s our job because it is.  It is our job and our honor to post labs.  Not just any lab, not just any dog, not just any hunter.  We’re talking about the ride or die kind.  The morning, noon and night kind.  Simply the best.

We pick one photo every day the same way we choose Lab of The Year: it’s what we see, it’s what we read, it’s what we research and what we feel.  This year we are giving you a say in our selection process – we are giving “power to the people.”  Votes will contribute to the overall winner so, for the love of labs, choose your favorite!

Lab Photo of The Day was born on Facebook spilled over to Twitter and morphed into Instagram which is simply the best platform for your dogs.  For those that can not make it to a field trial, hunt with a dog, train a dog or simply own a field lab this page is essential since it may be the only place they will see the sport, the partnership between lab and owner, and the champion lab.


Diche LOTY 2016, Owner Ed Wall, photo Wall Media

What does a champion mean to the hunting/field trial world?  It can be measured by ribbons, winnings, points, birds retrieved, field trials mastered, breeding, expert training or breeding.  A champion lab is that and more to a hunter.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to make a champ.  It takes a love of dogs, hunting and sporting.  One or all of these are what brings those who hunt and those who do not hunt together.

Those in the know understand the ins and outs of the making of a titled champion or a really damn good hunting dog; and those who are not hunters know what they like when they see it – that is why our page is so popular.  It’s not the number of badges or titles that always matters, it is the heart and soul of the dog, the look in his or her eyes, the bulging muscles, the first ferocious charge captured on film; we all understand that.  We can all appreciate that, and we can spot all of those things in a Champion.  Any one that has seen an exceptional athlete at any type of sport recognizes it, sees that tenacity and feels that power.  That is what we feel when we see a Champ and chances are that is what our followers feel.


We nominate many, we pick a few, we select four and then there is only oneLab of The Year.