Retriever University Web Based Training System



Train your dog from basic obedience to finished gun dog with Retriever University, the most effective dog training platform available on the web.  Created by Marty Roberts of Sporting Life Kennels, RU’s web-based training system gives you the tools to take your dog from basic obedience to finished gun dog on your own.  Retriever University web-based package comes in four modules that give your step by step instructions at each stage of your dog’s training.


No time to drive back and forth to the trainer?  Forget what happened in class?  Or can’t afford the cost of sending your dog away to a gun dog trainer, RU’s training modules allow you to train your dog on-demand from the comfort of your home.  Your goals of hunt tests and field trials can be achieved through this unique system based on Marty Roberts’ 30 years and thousands of hours spent with dogs.  Check our frequent Instagram posts for our quick training tips with Marty.  


We understand training a new pup to be your partner in the field can take time and be expensive.  We partnered with Retriever University to put the power of training in your hands to save you time and money.  You can purchase RU’s system through our website along with a special discount of 10% for more information visit Retriever University.  Now get out there and train your champ like a CHAMP!   USE FDL10 FOR OFFER AT CHECKOUT

RU Lifetime Membership with FDL EXCLUSIVE 10% DISCOUNT INCLUDES:

Freshman Course
Sophomore Course
Junior Course
Senior Course
Train like you hunt
Membership to RU’s exclusive training group 

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