So Long Duck Season 2017

12593697_723909231079197_3332589222176123931_oThat’s a wrap folks! – another season under our belt and the stories of some epic hunts begin.  We’ve had some epic things going on here too.  Chief, the champion lab pictured left, is the official Field Dog Life Lab!  Chief is owned and trained by Kayden Worthington with Mudlake Retreivers.  You’ll be seeing a lot of Chief, and we are super happy to have his likeness on our stuff.Duck season might be over to our dismay, but FDL is just getting starting.  The world of bird hunting is a 365 days a year venture!  If we’re not doing it, we’re talking about it; and if we’re not talking about we’re thinking about it AND if we’re not thinking about we’re … training our dogs.

That’s where we come in.  You see, the dogs don’t know duck season is over.  Heck bird doggin’ is on their brain 24/7, 365 which means that they got us beat when it comes to hard work and dedication.  Hands down.  Our labs win and deservedly so:  Champion Hunters aren’t made eating treats and laying around till next season, they’ve got birds on their mind almost as much as their “families.”  They’re eager to please and live to train (and for nights curled up by the fire next to their families.)

One thing we know to be true about labs is that their loyalty is immeasurable and well we love those handsome athletes like crazy.  So let geese season settle in and some vacation time for our champs.  Then let the training begin – and count us in.