The 2019 Super Retriever Series Crown Championship


Super Retriever Series Crown Championship

The Super Retriever Series Crown Championship saw some of the strongest Amateur competitors in the championship’s history.


This year’s event put handlers and retrievers to the test in five distinct series of challenges, featuring both hunt tests and field trials, measuring the abilities of each dog in specific situations.


The first trial began with a test of patience for the retrievers. After the first two marks were down, the handler was to walk off the line and head to an Excel boat, grab three shells and a shotgun, while the dog remained on the mat until the handler returned. Those who failed at this challenge were penalized with a loss of 25 points.


Once the handler returned and took their position on a Banded Swivel Chair, they were to load the shotgun, take down five ducks, and send the retriever to pick them up in any order. The five marks from this challenge ranged from 60 to 250 yards.


After the 2nd series, eliminations took place leaving only the top eighteen pros and eighteen amateurs standing. The 3rd series brought a new set of challenges, causing the elimination of twelve competitors, six from the pros and six from the amateurs, leaving only the top twelve from each class. Finally, the field was narrowed down again by the end of the 4th trial leaving the top six pros and six amateurs to compete in the final round.


Heading into the 5th and final series of the event, Trigg, a black lab handled by Mike Gibson was leading the Amateur class. Trigg, being only an amateur, was only a few points shy of the top 2 pro competitors. Trigg is co-owned by Mike Gibson, his handler, and Mike’s daughter and son-in-law, Shay and Caleb Williamson of Galena, Kansas.

During a very difficult field trial water series, Chrissy and her handler, Robert Jones gave Trigg a run for his money, performing really well under pressure and giving an overall outstanding performance.


In the end, Trigg came out on top, making this his 4th SRS Amateur win. This win also marks Mike Gibson’s 3rd Amateur Crown win in the last 10 years, having competed with two other exemplary retrievers in years past.


It’s possible that during Trigg’s run, at only seven years old, he could surpass Jeter’s record of 6 SRS Amateur wins. Trigg is an outstanding marking dog that has shown he can handle the pressure of complicated and confusing set-ups that make the SRS so challenging. We hope to see more from Trigg in coming years events.

To watch the 2019 SRS Championship, visit their YouTube channel.