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      Kirby 2019 Lab of The Year 

A New Lab King Has Been Crowned

Happy 2020!  Congrats to 4xGMPR HRCH Cashman’s Touch ‘em All Kirby Nemitz MH QAAKirby, and Christopher Nemitz of Dakota Ridge Kennels  2019’s winner, in all of his glory. 
This year’s top dog contest had the largest number of entries yet, and the field of nominees was full of serious female power.  Our 2019 Fantasy Field Squad includes three Lab Queens, a record for Lab Photo of The Day’s original contest.  Our reigning champ, Kirby, is a great all-around dog.  When he is not hunting birds or competing in field trials and participating in hunt tests, he is the loving family dog.  He holds many titles and, at 7, is a seasoned vet.
However, that is not what makes Kirby a fantastic Lab.  What makes him special is his willingness to try and work at it all, and still be the same friendly Kirby at home. Congratulations to all of our fantastic four: Fancy, Sasha, Honey, and Kirby.

Beast Lab of The Year nominee



We’re coming to your town to visit exceptional dogs

At Field Dog Life, we want to present the full picture of what dogs like Kirby can do.  We often talk about our humble beginnings and how we grew into a magazine.  Every day we post unbelievable canine talent on our social media.  We post some of the best ride-or-die photos of you and your best hunting buds during the waterfowl season.
How can we dig deeper?  FDL is going big or going home; actually, we’re NOT going home until we meet some of your incredible dogs.  It is time for us to go beyond the screen, page and phone to meet your dogs up close and personal.  In 2020 we want to take this show on the road and meet the best hunting dogs in America. 
We want to come to YOU and your town to see how you train your dogs, how you breed the best gun dogs, and what makes the Labrador Retriever the best waterfowl hunting dogs, and all-around great family companions.   Have a rock star sporting dog?  Tell us all about your gun dog and we will come to YOU.



We’re on the hunt for the brightest young talent

Out with old and in with the new as they say at the start of every new year.  This year we are on the search for the cutting edge in training and breeding, the generation X of Dog Stars.  This sport is rich with tradition and experience that will be passed down to the next generation.
We want to learn about how breeding and training is evolving with this generation, and which young minds are pushing us into the future and shaking up the industry.  We’re putting a spotlight on what is trending and just how much work and dedication goes into reaching the top in an industry that is slow to change; and for a good reason.  Let’s face it: anyone can breed dogs, which is the problem; but not everyone should.
There are plenty of fly-by-night breeders as we are all painfully aware – backyard breeders are everywhere.  But it takes talent, history, and dedication to reach the top.  We’re on the search for the social disrupters, the change-agents, and the modernization of raising and training the best hunting dogs in the country. Have a rising superstar program and kennel?  We will find you and make sure to tell your story because our page runs with The Good Dogs, The Great Dogs, and The LEGENDARY DOGS!  

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