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2020 Lab of The Year

Vol. 1 The Champion Retriever Issue



Hunting dogs are an athletic marvel and their strength, obedience, and character are unique.  Field Dog Life was launched out of dedication to these qualities that are specific to all hunting dogs, especially the Labrador Retriever.  We believe that the best way for the world to see these fine-tuned athletes is larger than life and in print, which is why we created Field Dog Life Magazine, our new publication.

The collector’s edition of our first issue, The Champion Retriever Issue, is a magazine/book hybrid of the highest quality. With its over-sized dimensions, 14 x 11, and 101 pages of premium paper, you’ll be displaying this work of art in a prominent place in your home, and read it often cover to cover. This timeless publication is a world-class exhibit of hunting dogs and an inside look at hunting culture at its finest, showcasing the best retrievers and industry photographers in the business. Don’t miss your chance to own this limited edition!  Vol. 1 The Champion Retriever Issue is currently SOLD OUT but may have limited availability later this year!


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