Field Dog Life is…

Field Dog Life was born out of my love for Beau, my very first Lab.  In 1998 I was lucky enough to come across what would become a legendary dog with retrieving in his blood.  Beau was a natural from day one –  that lab just knew what to do!   When you have a champ there is no doubt about it – retrieving is on their brain at all times and the drive is something that can’t always be taught.  It is wired into their DNA.  I just don’t think there is any breed more loyal, hard charging and eager to please than the Labrador Retriever.


In 2013 a group of us hunting dog enthusiasts started a page on Facebook because we took a look around social media and noticed there were few pages dedicated to the sporting Labrador Retriever.  We wanted to start a page all about the Lab as athlete and hunting dog.  Our goal was to bring to light the work that Labs do in the field alongside their hunting partners and to showcase the pure athleticism of the breed in hunt tests and field trials.  In addition, we wanted to introduce people to the sport of field trials and hunt tests because at the center of these events are athletes – some of the best in the World that happen to run on all fours.  We built a community where people who love their dogs as much as we do can share their stories, learn from others, and engage with other Lab owners, or for those who come to simply admire the beauty of the breed. It was important to us that people – dog owners and non-dog owners – see and appreciate Labs according to the original breed standard, and to witness what these dogs can do. 


In 2015 we started @labphotooftheday on Instagram to further connect our growing community of Lab owners, hunters, breeders, trainers and Lab lovers.  Our 120,000 combined followers (and growing) are now connected to the greatest page for Hunting Labs and can learn through our community what gun dogs do and just how how essential they are to waterfowl and upland hunters and their conservation efforts.  


Field Dog Life is about everything hunting and sporting Labs – from the best products for hunting dogs to the top dog breeders and dog trainers.  Most importantly, Field Dog Life is all about the dog because all sporting dogs connected to hunting, trials and tests must be championed and celebrated.  The dogs that grace our pages should be known by everyone – they are more than tools to the hunt.  We hunt and participate in sporting dog events because of them.  They rule the field and, I would say, rule us at times and that’s a good thing.  We could all use a loyal partner like our Lab.    


 We have followed some of your Labs from pups to field champions to hunting masters; and it has been amazing to see!  We hope that we continue to do the breed justice and to bring your dogs and your hard work to the center of the stage.  Thank you for your loyalty and continued support as we grow to become the Best Damn Sporting Dog Brand in The Land!


Best of Luck this season to you and your Ride or Die,